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Dryer Tech (503-374-9094), Portland dryer vent cleaning service was founded when owner, Brian Dawson envisioned a developing necessity for good dryer maintenance service. With his adherence to merit as a home service specialist coupled with his experience in the appliance service arena, Dawson was certain that he could generate a positive difference for people. Dryer vent cleaning is key to dryer fire reduction and dryer proficiency so whenever Brian’s clients complained about delayed drying time he felt certain that the problem was a result of a clogged dryer duct. With a vast array of services and specifically related dryer vent products including Lint Alert and Dryer Lint Alarm, Dryer Tech has the solution to all dryer venting issues.

Some dryer vent configurations necessitate a booster fan for optimal operation of the clothes dryer

The Orlando Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard is the best qualified dryer vent service expert in the neighborhood. As well as dryer vent cleaning service for homes and businesses, the Wizard supplies complete dryer vent installation and repair service.

There was a period when the majority of clothes dryers were typically installed near an outside wall calling for a very short vent tube. Now homes are constructed with practicality in mind, placing laundry areas upstairs, close to bedrooms where more laundry is created. Frequently, the laundry appliances is in a hall way closet, in the center of the house, requiring a longer dryer vent pipe. The Dryer Vent Cleaning Orlando Wizard has plenty of practical knowledge and prior experience to address these and less common dryer venting issues.

When the dryer vent tube surpasses 25 feet (with no bends) a booster fan is encouraged to help the dryer function more efficiently. Service by the Orlando Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard can include booster fan cleaning to get rid of lint that collects on the fan and assure adequate function. Booster fan and dryer vent cleaning boosts the functionality of the dryer by cutting down on drying time.

Lint trap cleaning is also essential to provide proper ventilation required for efficient dryer function. As lint gathers in the filter, if it is neglected it will decrease air flow and make the dryer run longer, increasing energy expenses and the danger of a dryer fire. The lint screen should be cleaned after every load of laundry. It also should be cleaned with a soft brush, soap and water as needed to remove deposits left by anti-static sheets.

Dryer Vent Wizard of Orlando furnishes qualified dryer vent cleaning service, including booster fan cleaning and lint filter and cavity cleaning. Dryer vents are their main concern and service specialists are specifically qualified to deal with all home and business dryer maintenance service, dryer duct cleaning, repair work and new dryer vent installation. Go to for more information.

About Dryer Vent Wizard (888-676-6142):
Dryer Vent Wizard is affiliated with the National Fire Protection Association and the number one network of dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent repair, replacement and alternation companies in the United States with more than 60 franchisees in major market areas. Dryer Vent Wizard owners work to promote consumer awareness on the advantage of dryer vent cleaning to stop dryer related hazards and conserve energy. By blending service with education the Wizard is making a notable difference in marketing dryer safety and efficiency.

The Appliance Master® has serviced homeowners in neighborhood since 1983 and proceeds advancing with time

Princeton, NJ — Bill Cummins, owner of Appliance Master®, has received widespread acknowledgment for his helping hand to the home service industry. Observing a concern for enhancement in home appliance repair, Cummins opened his own service company in 1983 to make a favorable impact for residents and business owners in New Jersey.

Service technicians with Appliance Master® are carrying out their part to shape up the level of stature in appliance service. “Bill Cummins has undeniably raised the bar on quality in customer service and communication,” said Mark Maupin, originator of The National Real Estate Network, a club based in Detroit.

Mark Maupin recently attended an appliance service convention where he met with Bill Cummins. After talking to him and getting to know how he relates to customers and his service techs Maupin declared it was apparent to him that the Appliance Master® ( is worthy of the widespread approval they have already secured from the Professional Service Association (PSA). Mark conducted some additional groundwork to read more about this service provider and he was impressed with what he found.

The Appliance Master® internet site is well loaded with handy help and advice to help individuals get more from their home appliances. As an online marketing specialist, Maupin is informed that people are not merely shopping for a site that puts forward claims including “the most cost effective service in the state” or “the most efficient at what they do.” Anyone can make these statements. Customers want credible confirmation that validates these declarations up and displays that a home service provider is legitimate and reliable.

Mark obtained an abundance of satisfactory confirmation that the Appliance Master® is an exceptional appliance repair provider. They are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau having an A+ Rating. The Appliance Master® is verified by Angie’s List as a legitimate appliance repair service. The company has also been awarded the highest level of recognition favored by the Professional Service Association which is a Certified Appliance Professional with a Certified Service Manager rating.

Most valuable are the client feedback and referrals which have thrust the Appliance Master’s® attractiveness to make them the number one provider in their neighborhood. Listed below are a few examples:

“Your tech was outstanding. We were prepared to go out and purchase a new machine. He saved us a lot of money. Would not hesitate to call you again.”

“Greg did a great job fixing my washing machine. I would recommend you to my friends.”

“The technician was a very professional and respectful young man. He was also a diligent worker.”

Appliance Master® has rapidly grown into the most often referred appliance repair service provider in Central New Jersey. They consider every appliance repair call as pressing, taking the fastest action possible to deal with the matter and rejuvenate maximum appliance performance. Bill Cummins invites consumers to realize the difference in home appliance repair and to contact the Appliance Master for all their appliance repair needs, all makes and models.

About Appliance Master®:
Appliance Master® initiated the company in 1983 to deliver Central New Jersey residents ethical and cost effective appliance repair. They differ in the sector as the only appliance service provider that grants consumers access their database so they can arrange a service call online. Customers appreciate the value of the exclusive Controlled Booking System that presents them the option them to establish a service time that is most ideal for them.


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